Mer Does the Dam Thing



Give us a quick intro about yourself.

Im originally from the east coast of the US and my family lives in the middle-of-no-where Mexico. For the past 5 years Ive been working for Under Armour as an Advance Concept Designer on their Innovation team, aka I design and make concept “cars” in the form of sport clothing. This January I was lucky enough to relocate to the European HQ in Amsterdam and I couldn’t be happier. I’m currently living in De Pijp with my boyfriend, my little teal bike, and a ton of plants (they are so cheap here and now may have a problem). On the weekends I love running through city center as it’s just waking up, then grabbing my bike and exploring a new part of town or park.  Literally, everyday I see or experience something that makes me smile, I truly can’t get enough of this place.




What do you enjoy most about living in Amsterdam?

Cycling aside, I love that the second the sun is out the entire city explodes into the streets. Just the other day I watched my neighbors drag out a kitchen table onto the sidewalk and host an impromptu champagne lunch… on a Tuesday. That is living!




What’s your photography background?

It all started in high school on my dads old black and white Pentax, I loved the smells of the dark room and watching the photos appear under the developing liquid. In 2007 I was accepted to the Savannah College or Art and Design on a photography scholarship but switched my major to fashion design upon arrival. Most recently I’ve been running my little instagram / vsco with my iphone or Motorola Galaxy. I technically have a nicer camera… somewhere (it may be still packed away) but Im all about quick shots while trying not to crash my bike. The phone is quick and isn’t as obvious when I’m chasing people down the street snapping away.




What would your first post be about?

I’d love to do a little collection post on shoes worn by cycle commuters. I’m always in awe of the women who are flying past me in the morning rocking 5″ heels, meanwhile I have to concentrate to keep my boots on the pedals. Amsterdam is so effortlessly chic and cycling never seems to get in the way of someones outfit; just enhances it.




Why join the Cycle Chic team?

Honestly, it feels like an easy fit. Im already cycling about admiring Amsterdam’s finest and freshest, sneaking photos of anything that catches my eye.

From a professional standpoint part of my job is sending street recaps [March Snap] of things I’m seeing in Amsterdam and other travels back to our US based design teams.  So literally my eyes are always peeled absorbing all that the city has to offer.

And from a more selfish note, you seem like fun interesting ladies and who wouldn’t want to be part of that network.


Thanks for your time, tot ziens!

Nutrition: Honey vs (Pure) Maple Syrup

May time low sugar recipes substitute honey or pure maple syrup for the sugar to have a more natural sweet taste. Personally I prefer the taste of maple syrup over honey to begin with but was curious which one was actually “better for you”. If you have the time here is the article:

If you want the cliff notes-

Maple Syrup Key take aways:

  • 1 cup= 840 calories,
  • 1 cup= 216 g of carbohydrates, 192 g are from sugars
  • Maple syrup contains more minerals than honey. Maple syrup has considerably more calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and copper per serving than honey.

Honey Key take aways:

  • 1 cup= 1,031 calories
  • 1 cup= 279 g of carbohydrates, 278 g are from sugars
  • Honey contains more vitamins than maple syrup.




File this under: Things I wish I knew before becoming a runner

This is a great article with pictures showing some glute firing warm up exercises. I do these before my long runs to make sure the right muscles are activated. She explains why all this is super important to prevent injury down the road. All things my physical therapist talks about… had I done these early on, when first starting to run I probably could have prevented many of the issues im paying someone to fix.