Here is a little video recap I did from the Tokyo marathon in February of this year, at the 1 minute mark is where I actually jump in and run. Not nearly as exciting watching it as it felt running it. It was exhilarating at the top level. Probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life. There were security guards lining the fence every 15ft but I just slipped in like water and ran like hell. I didn’t match my pace very well, I ended up crashing the 7min/ mile group which is much faster than I train.

6cc135a1-5024-41b2-88b6-a2ee77ed48d2.pngUnfortunately the only audio I picked up was the creaking of the Gopro case, wish you guys could have heard the crowd- it was like 50 football stadiums.


That time I crashed the Tokyo Marathon…

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