Intro to 5k Training Plan

YAY! Welcome to the best free workout around; seriously, you can do it ANYWHERE and     only need your running shoes… and maybe a sports bra. (My guilty pleasure is when i’m in a new city for work making sure I take my run during rush hour foot traffic, its a great way to see the city and show off your new run kit.)

Running can be addictive and equally rewarding if started correctly. When I started really running a year ago I sprinted head first into it and am unfortunately still working through my mistake.

Even the fittest of athletes need to be careful when first jumping into running because that virgin high (SOO Addictive) soon turns into IT band issues, knee problems, and hips. Make sure you are slowly working your self towards the goals otherwise you will encounter major injury set backs. Take it from someone who knows. Im in PT every week and I run 10 miles a week+ and thought I worked gradually towards it. My roommate had the same issue and he’s super fit but wanted to start running and jumped head first, within a week was hobbling up the stairs with a pulled IT. Also, PLEASE take rest days. The runners high is amazing and should be ridden as long as possible but if you want to truly keep going make sure you take rest days- again only speaking from experience and regret.

That being said, I did some research and found this training program for mid-beginner runners. I liked this one particularly it because it also adds in strength work outs which are really important to maintain a healthy strong body that will continue pushing miles:



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