I was doing so well for so long but with travel, exhaustion, post holiday blues, and missing friends I began slipping back into old eating habits. Turned to food for comfort and “I deserve this because _(insert what ever)__ sucks.” Then find my self immediately upset and frustrated that I ate that extra chocolate crossiant or ordered a chai latte from Starbucks (you know the one with sugar, fatty milk, and a tiny bit of tea spice?), the annoying part is I hate sweet drinks.

Or the worst is when I have all intentions of eating good the rest of the day because I had some extra buttery goodness at breakfast and then I look at the empty ramen soup bowl sitting infront of me at lunch. Wait….. How did that happen?!

Don’t get me wrong, it was on my list of things to do in Tokyo, have real ramen. But not the entire gallon sized bowl and 10 pork goyozas.
Now I know life and dieting are all a balance, but I’m still working out what that balance is. How it works. When Im on a relatively strict eating plan I don’t crave or boredom eat. I’m satisfied with myself, proud that I don’t need chocolate snacks throughout the day. But the second I slip, I slip bad and resetting my food clock is much harder than I expected. So now I’m on the flight back from Tokyo, resisting the business class free ice cream and pretending the luke warm mint tea is just as good because I know in a week it will be.

In other fitness news- I did probably the top craziest thing Iv ever done in my life while in Japan. I slipped the fence and ran 3 miles of the Tokyo marathon along side 33,000 people and millions of on lookers. I needed GoPro video for work and well you only live once. It was exhilarating and surreal. The athletes around me were some of the best in the world, absolute works of fitness freak art. I wouldn’t say running a marathon was ever on my bucketlist and I have no plans of ever running a full one but it was an incredible experience to feel that many feet running together and everyone around cheering for the same thing. “Go person I dont know doing this thing I could never do! You’re incredible! Keep going only 21 more miles to go!” Huge congrats to all the runners.


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