Breech Bod

I used to be “scared” of working out on the same days I knew I had a tough ride or lesson and made a million excuses of why it was a bad idea.

  • Do you really want to ride half assed/ half legs?
  • It will be a waste of time if your shoulders are jello.
  • I want to give everything into my rides- this will prevent that.
  • You’ll be to sore to really ride.
  • You’re trainer will think you’ve forgotten how to ride. (This has happened more than once and had nothing to do with how much I squatted in the gym that day.)
  • Tsavo will know and this will be the day he takes off with you.


And then I tried it. I went to boot camp class at lunch fearfully knowing I had a 6pm dressage lesson that evening.

  And yup, as predicted I look/felt like a bumbling idiot. My arms were a million pounds, my grip strength was none, I was hungry and embarrassed. I had to ask for multiple breaks, I DONT ASK FOR BREAKS?! I clenched my teeth and pretend I was listening to what my trainer was telling me when really all I could think of was, “Please let this death canter circle be over before I fall off and melt into a puddle.”

I swore it off- what a waste of a lesson.  I slept like a rock that night and the next morning:


It took about 6 more workouts and a couple more awkward lessons of this on repeat before my body fully adjusted. It’s really amazing how quickly you can adapt, not just physically but mentally. I was no longer scared to go to boot camp and drechage or a long run followed by XC schooling. Really the only bad thing that came out of this is now I don’t have anymore excuses for why my half halts aren’t working. I still get sore and still have, “well this could be better” rides but let’s be honest, that happens even on 12 hours of sleep and a chocolate cake for dinner.

Moral of the story is I did it, so can you too and all that life is a balance, try hard shit.


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