Found these puppies on the TheCoveteur website figured I’d spare you the extra reading on shopping/ how to wear your eye mask while working out.

The Burpee: The best way to get your heart pumping and your calories burning.

Start with 5, rest for 20 seconds and go to the next move, then repeat and add 5 more reps each time. Its up to you if you want to add in a full push up (can be done on knees) or just pop up from plank position. Make sure to keep your core tight and bum down.

Chair Dips: You can do these pretty much anywhere: Home, park bench, desk chair.. in a boring meeting. Great for lean and mean dressage arms.

Start with 10 dips, rest for 20 seconds x 4. If you want a more advanced version put your legs out straight and rest on your heels. This way you get your abs involved too.


Classic Squat: I like to think of my XC position when doing this. Heels down, toes forward and chest up!

Start with 10 squats, rest for 20 seconds x 4. If you are adding in the burpees your legs will be cooking! Push your butt back and down and don’t let your knees go past your toes.

Plank Lifts: There’s no easy way to put this.. it hurts. Your butt will feel it too!

Start with 5 on each leg, rest for 20 seconds x 4. Make sure to keep your butt down in between and try to keep your hips parallel to the floor, I tend to swamp my weight from one side to another- not good. Focus on your abs pulling up and hips staying horizontally straight. If you want a harder version, pull your knee to your chest before extending.

You go Glen Coco!


Easy PJ Workouts

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